what you will see

About the work 

The Specimens....

…included in this collection are just a few of the indigenous plants from the local area of Richmond and the Yarra Valley.

The Wurundjeri were a clan group of the Woiwurrung who claimed as their territory all that area which is drained by the Yarra and its tributaries. Gary Presland, Land of the Kulin. 

42 plants are displayed

They have been pressed and dried then mounted on A3 board. The Latin botanical name and English common name are listed. Where possible the Aboriginal plant name and traditional plant uses are also listed

From the artist

I would like to pay my respects to the Wurundjeri people.

I would also like to thank Bernie Clifford for the opportunity to work on this magnificent project.

About the artist

Libby Kerr

Libby’s aspirational art is a testament to her love for nature. Her works of art collected from across Australia are transformed into stunning designs.


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