'A Man & His Symbols' Exhibition by Edoardo Hines

'A Man & His Symbols' intends to touch on the last five years of Edoardo Hines's life. The change in scenery conflating a change in outlook, there are many symbols that can go unnoticed in waking life.

In this exhibition Edoardo is putting together a timeline of oil paintings ranging from when he first begun oil painting in 2016, all the way to current day 2021. The perspective he has chosen on the two themes of work that will be displayed have significant symbols in them.

Edoardo Hines is a 22-year-old artist who has moved from his quiet hometown of Philip Island to the insightful city of Melbourne, helping bridge the gap to open new ways of creating artworks. The main values of his work lay with his will to express his external environment in the beginning, through Landscape, Still Life and Portraiture. Moving to Melbourne created a pivotal change in his work as he started looking within. With that a spark of subconscious and unconscious artworks have emerged.

'A Man & His Symbols' runs from April 19th to May 3rd. Edoardo will be joining us for two intimate artist Q&A's on Thursday 22nd of April and Thursday 29th of April.

Thursday 22nd of April

Thursday 29th of April


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