'Aliorum' Exhibition of Portraits by John Mezzini (November 2021—January 2022)

'Aliorum' Exhibition of Portraits by John Mezzini

'I came from a small country town in rural South Australia and as far back as I can remember, all I wanted to be is an artist. After art school, I thought that was just a fantasy and took an engineering traineeship and joined the real world. But there was always the fear of going through life without ever making a great painting, which kept increasing as twenty-five years went on. So I made a decision and tried. First one afternoon per week, then by chance and intervention from a friend, an opportunity came to exhibit at 45 Downstairs and again in Art Basel, where one of my pieces made the top 100. From there, it has been a headlong stampede, indefatigable pursuit of the one painting, the summation the reason to pick up tomorrow where I left off today.'

'Aliorum' is running from November 2021 to January 2022. John will be joining us for two intimate Artist Q&A's on Saturday November 13th and Saturday November 20th.

Saturday November 13th
Saturday November 20th


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