Bernzerk 'This is Me, Any More... It's You!' Photography Book Exhibition

This is Me, Any More... It's You! 

This series of 66 images of 11 subjects between 20 – 60 years of age is designed to generate discussion about an individual's projection of themselves and the associated perception of the viewer. In collaboration with Bernzerk, each subject provides a projection of themselves via posture and pose to present a self-defined internal image presented externally as portrait photography. 

Highlighted within a gaze, a turn of the head or torso, the flex of muscles of the pout of a lip, indicate self awareness, self confidence (or lack of), strength and fragility, sensuality or asexuality amongst other traits. Although these traits and insights are desired, or at least available to be captured and identified, the viewer may not accept that projection. The viewers, both in a gallery exhibition of this series and within this book, may create their own interpretations of the subject's persona and apply their own embedded wants and desires upon the image. Even when not deliberately designed to be there by the subject. 

This is Me, Any More... It's You! 

This project was developed over two years (2018 – 2020). All images are shot with a Hasselblad X1 mid-format digital camera using only two sources of static light. All photoshoots were located in 1500mm x 1500mm area within my apartment located in Melbourne, Australia. The background changes only when the white blind is positioned fully up, to expose reflection from a black glazed door, or down as a white backdrop. Post production is limited to cropping, exposure, saturation and tint, manipulated within Phocus by Hasselblad. 

This is Me, Any More... It's You! 

This series is made up of an array of courageous friends who I thank very much, for their understanding of the concept and their confidence and support in my abilities. Future series will increase the range of gender identifications, culture and age ranges.


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