Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021: Death Row Dollies

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL 2021: DEATH ROW DOLLIES (September 30th – October 3rd)

Based on the book 'Death Row Dollies' by journalist Linda Polman, Death Row Dollies explores the lives of women who fall in love with death row inmates. Part physical theatre part radio play, this performance is a collage of verbatim accounts from real-life-dollies which challenge form to challenge psyche.

The Dollies are all well-educated, socially motivated women from Northern Europe. They start writing to death row inmates through Amnesty International. Gradually, their communications grow into experiences of love. As one prison warden says, 'these men could talk the underpants off the Virgin Mary.'

Death Row Dollies is both a radio play (digital event) and live theatre (in-person event). You can book either here:

Curated by: Samantha Jacobszoon
Samantha Jacobszoon, Pauline Sherlock, Carol Keating and Ebony Moncrief
Sound by:
Katrina Liston
Voice credits:
Ramona Estrella, Katrina Liston, Mathew Jones, Andy Junk and Patrick Montgomery
Image by:
David Sindel


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