'Mandalas' Exhibition by Scott Owen

'Nothing in nature is “perfect”. No two things are the same. From the macro, every cell is mutated from one to the next. To the cosmic, there is wobble in the orbit.

It is such a human thing to mathematise things down to the last decimal for the sake of exactness and closure.

Nature allows for difference. Nature has faith that everything balances in regards to everything else. The natural way of things ensures everything can continue to grow not in uniform but with the eclecticism to astonish.

The dance between order and chaos is bliss. Perfectly imperfect. Circular representation of the cosmos. A metaphysical or spiritual concept of the universe.' – Scott Owen.

'Mandalas' Exhibition by Melbourne artist/musician Scott Owen runs from June 29th – July 11th. Scott is a double bass player and artist. He is a founding member of Australian band The Living End.

Join us at POME for an artist Q&A with Scott on Saturday 3rd of July from 4 to 4:30pm.


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